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"Trainer was engaging, funny, lively. The training was fun and it was nice to have so many activities, examples, and resources. Very helpful-I would go to all of his trainings."

"The instructor kept it interesting by mixing things up throughout the day."

"The speaker kept it interesting. Excellent Speaker! Would definitely attend another seminar workshop he does."

"All material was good. Loved instructor’s sense of humor – easy to pay attention because of his style of communicating."

"Mr. Campbell is a charismatic speaker who was engaging and knowledgeable about holistic aspects of recovery."

"Very interesting information. Trainer was awesome."

"The presenter felt like a part of the paricipants rather than just an instructor. I was able to identify information useful in my therapy practice."

"Instructor was very knowledgeable about the topic."

"Very informative!!! Learned a lot!"

"James is a wonderful speaker"

"Loved the interaction and small group setting."

"Sharing personal experiences with adolescents was powerful! I appreciate your humor and the importance you place on faith and family. Everything was exceptional!"

"Fun. Challenging. Useful. nteresting. Learned tools I can use with my clients that are fun and insightful."

"It was helpful to learn techinques to deal with conflict."

"I was able to accomplish something I did not think I was capable of. I also gained a lot of information and creative tools to use with my adolescents."

"I loved the experiential learning part with ropes and defense stuff."

“I really enoyed the de-escalation portion this afternoon. I felt like it was very useful and applicabe. I also felt like the ropes were fun and educational. I hope we can bring our teens."

"Covered a lot of useful facts and was able to keep me engaged during the process. Loved ending quote/comment.”

"Very informative. Knowledgeable. Relaxed, engaging presentation."

"Information was detailed and clear."

"I think it was a great training and I personally enoyed and needed it."

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