Family Excellence, Inc. - Reaching Dreams, Strengthening Families, Building Legacies

Thank you for your passion for seeing individuals reach their dreams, families grow stronger, and legacies built that will span generations!  We appreciate your joining us as we seek to impact the lives of children and families. 

The heart of Family Excellence, Inc. is helping families to reach their dreams, grow stronger, and build a legacy to span generations.

We seek to impact the lives of children and families in three primary ways:

1.  Presentations and Trainings:  We love to provide presentations, speakers, and training to agencies, non-profits, businesses, churches, civic groups, PTOs/PTAs, and other interested groups on topics such as Adolescent Development, Surviving Adolescence as a Parent, Addiction, Living Authentically, Effective Treatment, Building Community Supports and Strengthening Families.

2.  Workshops and Group Development:  We provide a number of different workshops geared toward strengthening connections between people.  These range from building skills within and between employees to help them be more effective to providing workshops with families focused on improving relationships and communication.

3.  Contests:  We design and facilitate contests and events designed to elevate the sites of young people to dream bigger dreams for their future and to build on family strengths.
We would love to speak with you regarding any needs you or your business or organization may have and to work with you to determine if our services might be a good fit for you!

Each of these methods of making a difference in the lives of others are only possible due to the incredible support and generosity of people just like you!  Will you come alongside us through telling others about us, "Liking" us on Facebook, and even considering a secure donation through our "About Us' page on this site?  Once you see some of the work the people we serve produce, hear their comments from trainings and workshops, and see the confidence beam from them over their work, we trust you will have no question as to why we do what we do and that you will want to be a part of the amazing opportunities ahead! 

For more specific information, please see the "About Us" and "Current Contests" tabs on this site as well!  Thank you for your time and for being a part of the solution!