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What We Do

I have gotten several questions seeking more details about the program and purpose of Family Excellence! I thought I would take a moment to share just some basics:  The short version is that the focus is primarily on three things-two more traditional and one less so and non-profit.


1. Family Excellence leads trainings and assists with program development related to adolescent development, addiction, de-escalation, and increasing family engagement. That was what led to beginning the LLC initially.


2. Family Excellence provides direct services to families. Specifically, we work with families to provide family-based, experiential events. Think "challenge course" style interventions but geared towards family building and strengthening. To be sure, there is an educational aspect, but the main goal is to experientially build on family strengths.


3. On the non-profit side we are working to be able to connect families with opportunities to grow together in venues that they probably could not otherwise afford. This is done through donations of tickets, donations of seats, donations of memberships (such as the Zoo or State museum), matches for tickets/seats purchased, and other means to connect families with some amazing opportunities to grow closer together and become even stronger. 


These are the essentials! The only other aspect is using our FB page to advertise low-budget and/or free events other families (like yours and ours) can access. At the end of the day our goal is to be strength-focused and help build stronger families. We're excited about it and would love it if you'd "Like" us, "Share" us and encourage others to "Like" us as well. Thanks for your help already in getting the word out! Also, should you know of other events in the Greenville/Anderson area, please feel free to post them on our page.


Lastly, we also whole-heartedly welcome your input! Feel free to message us with any suggestions for improvement or other ways to connect! I hope this helps give a little more insight into where we are, why we are, and where we're headed! Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for your support and interest!


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