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Family Excellence Institute, LLC What do we do?


I thought I would take a moment today to share a little more detail about the nuts and bolts of what Family Excellence Institute, LLC actually does-the "how" if you will. Essentially, Family Excellence Institute, LLC currently has three primary components: 1. Assisting programs, service providers, and individuals in becoming more family-centered and devlopmentally appropriate through providing training and consultation. 2. Providing services directly to families in our community in order to build on their strengths and thereby reach their dreams, grow stronger, and build a legacy to span generations. 3. Connecting families with limited means and resources to some of the incredible artistic, athletic, educational, and recreational resources in our community as a means of prevention and strengthening families. Everything we do is designed around strengthening individuals, families and the the communities they are a aprt of. Please feel free to post your thoughts and questions, and thank you for your interest and support in helping our neighbors in need!

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