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Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts

Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts


Family Excellence Institute, LLC and Family Excellence, Inc. are excited to announce the Family Excellence Essay Contest!  This contest is being held in collaboration with Calhoun Academy of the Arts and is intended to encourage fourth grade students to focus on some of the strengths in their families!  All fourth graders at Calhoun Academy of the Arts  are eligible to enter and will be working with their teachers to write essays ranging from 1-2 pages in length on the subject of “What I Love Most About My Family”!  The essays will be evaluated with some assistance from other teachers in the area who have graciously agreed to assist.  The essays will be taken up by the fourth grade teachers and will be reviewed by our guest panel of teachers on December 15, 2012.  The author of the essays will not be known by the reviewers until after the review.  The top essays will receive some great awards and treats in honor of their hard work and in honor of the families that they represent!  We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to encourage even more amazing writing at Calhoun while encouraging students to focus on the things they love most about their families!  We also intend to post some of the top essays in the days ahead to add even greater notoriety to these young authors!  More information will be posted in the days ahead; so please keep your eyes open for updates. 



Also, please continue to spread the word about Family Excellence on Facebook by encouraging your friends and colleagues to “Like” our page!  If you don’t “Like” us, you may miss out on future announcements about other contests designed to help encourage reaching dreams, strengthening families, and building legacies!


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