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...And The Winners Are...

The top three awards for the Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts went to these three fourth grade students: Third Prize: Rylee Moorhead, Second Prize: Devin Norris, and First Prize: Jag Grooms! — at Calhoun Academy of the Arts.



“My Family” by Jag Grooms, First Prize Award Winner “I love my family because they tell pretty funny jokes. They spoil me rotten! I give big polar bear hugs to them. We give each other presents all the time. I have the best famil...y in the universe. My mom has a job at AnMed Health in the marketing department. She doesn’t have a job out of town, but my dad does. My dad works for Colonial Pipeline. It can go out of South Carolina to Georgia. A lot of times he gets home late; sometimes he spends the night at hotels. My mom is also an artist. I get my art from her. I really love drawing airplanes. My mom loves drawing birds. They look gorgeous, very pretty! Mom and I say drawing expresses your feelings. My dad is a genius at math. He is a math wizard! He always checks my math with me. Sometimes my mom checks it, but if she has a hard time dad will do it. I’m glad I have it as a dad. My mom is super when it comes to cooking. I love her cooking! Her cooking is phenomenal! I love it when she cooks sweet potato soufflé. That stuff is sweet with a capital ‘S’! I also love macaroni casserole. That stuff is crunchy with a capital ‘C’. I have a dog named Holly. She is a chocolate lab. I love her, but when the neighbor’s dog gets together with Holly, she gets out of the fence. Then we have to go get her. Daisy is a yellow lab. She is a girl too! I love my mom and my dad. I’m so happy they met each other. They’re the perfect couple! I love them to infinity and beyond! We like to be healthy in my family, so we eat fruit. I like pineapple, and so does my mom and dad. We eat other fruit, but we just can’t get enough pineapple! I’m so glad I live on this planet with my family! I love them so much. Do you have a huggable, loveable family? I hope you have a huggable, loveable family!”


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