Family Excellence Institute, LLC and Family Excellence, Inc. - Reaching Dreams, Strengthening Families, Building Legacies
Family Excellence Institute, LLC is an outgrowth of Family Excellence, Inc.  Whereas the emphasis of Family Excellence, Inc. is to serve and strengthen families through creative venues, contests, and inspirational quotes and articles, Family Excellence Institute, LLC focuses on providing services designed to stregthen families directly and to cultivate stronger, effective, family-centered care among other service providers.
Some of the specific services offered consist of:
     Providing training focused on adolescent development, addiction, and family
     dynamics and integration in treatment.
     Providing consultant services focused on improving adolescent and family
     engagement in treatment.
     Providing hands-on, experiential workshops specifically designed to help
     strengthen families.
     Program and staff development.
Prices are reasonable and negotiable based on the type ad length of services desired as well as location.